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 October 8th, 2015

Who: :iconpandiivan:
What: Celebration Art Give-Away
Where:  Celebration: 2,000 Watchers! (FREE ART TO WIN!!)Hello my dear friends, watchers and visitors!
I reached more then 2000 watchers :faint: :heart:
I never thought that I would get that many watchers so I am so happy about
it!! Although there are round about 200 active watchers I am appreciating
every watch, fav and cmnt you guys made so far <3 That's so lovely of all of you!
So... for that reason I want to draw something for some of my beloved watchers!
There are some easy rules you have to follow if you want to win a drawing ;P
1. You must be a watcher (new watchers are also welcomed)
2. Send me a good reference-sheet of your character in the cmnts.
3. Post a Journal about this Celebration OR tell at least 6 other
deviants about this Celebration. (Mention them here in the
comments so I can see them)
- no back-mentions! -
4. The Registration ends at the end of the year! So be fast!!
(DEADLINE: 31.12.2015)!
5. Write something short about Pandas in the

 October 7th, 2015

Who: :iconfivey:
What: Free Requests
Where:  FREE REQUESTS [Human] OpenI wanted to do more human artwork, and realized I have no specific style (every image is different), so I decided to open FREE REQUESTS to pick some cool characters to train a little. 
There are examples of my human works:

Before you order, read rules!
This is propably my last time doing action like this, so you can simply loose your chance :/
:star:HOW TO ORDER:star:
1.Make a jurnall with link to my requests
2.Write a comment under this journal, with link to your character reference, and link to your journal informing about my requests. 
3. And that is all you have to do ^^
(halloween designs are especially welcome!)
It is NOT first came first server. I will choose the character which's design I like the most, or that will just inspire

Date: September 24th, 2015

Who: :iconkizunayui-studios: and :iconkiyasamatheinu:
What: Adopt Raffle Giveaway
Where:  Adopt Raffle Giveaway FINAL NOTICE!
Hello Everyone! Here we are finally on DA with an actual adoptable page, Yay!
In honor of Kizu hitting 50k pageviews and our new Closed Species adoptables becoming available we felt that it was high time we do a raffle! We thank all of you who support us both, and we appreciate it greatly.
This raffle will last until:
September 16th 2015 11:59pm est. (8:59pm pst)
September 30th 2015 11:59 est. (8:59pm pst) EXTENDED DEADLINE!!

Rules/How To Enter:
You must be a watcher of KiyaKizuAdopts and share and fave this journal, you have to do all or no tickets.
There must be a minimum of 10 participants, or there will be no winner. We extended the deadline to September 30th.
New Watchers are always welcome to join~
Please fave and share this

Galleries: kizunayui-studios.deviantart.c… and…
Date: September 12th, 2015

Who: :iconrachel-amber:
What: Free YCH
Where: Free YCH!!! CLOSED!!! by Rachel-Amber
 September 4th, 2015

Who: :iconsolarmiko:
What: Secret Santa
Where:  Secret Santa: Sign ups openSCHEDULE:
SIgn ups - 9/4 - 11/11
Assignments - 11/12 - 11/13
Work on entries and get them in - 11/13 - 12/25
12/25 is the deadline.
~TO sign up, please comment with 1 characters. Please include links (references) of them
~ Make a poll of journal to spread the word 
~ Have fun~!
NOTE: I'm putting two cause I want to be surprised on which character my secret Santa will pick.
1 - :iconsolarmiko:
2 - :iconragemoon:
3 -  :iconyukina-snowbunny:
4 - :iconsailorx161:
5 - :iconwtfatname: 
6 - :iconiliowahine:
7 - :iconally-aria: 

Date: July 24th, 2015

Who: :iconfinianinwonderland:
What: Art Raffle
Where: Raffle Giveaway! (Closed) by FinianInWonderland
Gallery: finianinwonderland.deviantart.…
Date: June 20th, 2015

Who: :iconsassaprass:
What: Free Requests
Where: <da:thumb id="541047128"/>
Date: June 20th, 2015

Who: :iconblessandcurse:
What: Couple and Point Raffle
Where: The Man In The Mask (closed ) by BlessAndCurse
Date: June 18th, 2015

Who: :iconrpadopts:
What: Custom and Points Raffle
Where: <da:thumb id="540507558"/>
Date: June 16th, 2015

Who: :iconblessandcurse:
What: Star-Crossed Lovers Adopt Raffle
Where: FREE! Star Struck Lovers by BlessAndCurse
Date: June 15th, 2015

Who: :iconvixenkiba:
What: YCH Giveaway/Raffle
Where: YCH Giveaway/Raffle CLOSED! by Vixenkiba
Date: June 12th, 2015

Who: :iconjxw-spiralofchaos:
What: Outfit Raffle
Where: 12.06.15 Raffle [CLOSED] by JxW-SpiralofChaos
Gallery: jxw-spiralofchaos.deviantart.c…
Date: June 10th, 2015

Who: :iconaileinn:
What: YCH Art Raffle
Where:  ART RAFFLE - Winners announced !! (CLOSED)And the raffle is closed now !
With, I picked three numbers and... The winners are...

:iconwhitebunny-adopts: | :iconvalerie-Q: | :iconhatterbunny:
For sharing the journal | For watching me | For wathing me
I will do your babs pretty soon with the references you gave me~ ♥ ♥

Hello everyone ! Few days ago I tried a YCH of chibis. Usually, my anthro/human art doesn't work very well, and my animal YCH are more efficient. And this time, it didn't change from the habit. So I have three chibi in my arms and I can't do anything with them... So, art raffle for three lucky persons !
.: Rewards :.
One of my three YCH babs with YOUR character.

It will be in colors with a simple shading.

Date: June 9th, 2015

Who: :iconlulukana:
What: Sketch Requests
Where:  REQUESTS OPENI am opening up sketch requests.
no color.
no line art
just a sketch.
I only want adorable cute, kawaii, and only girls!  no guys.
If you want something more finished, look below for what I am currently doing.

for me to draw your character, you must be watching me, fave this journal, share this journal and follow me on twitter.
Just fill this form out
Twitter Name: (if no twitter no worries)
Shared Twitter Link:
Shared Journal Link:
Character Images:
Those who follow me and help me out are more likely to be drawn, but if Your character is just too cute for me, I will draw her despite not sharing or anything.  :3
P.s, if you need any answers just ask and I will try to respond!
this is my twitter.

109 deviations
Captain Bile (#16)
Sailor Cliodna (#17):
 SBS Members by AngelOfBeauty88
Blood Rose: Trade 7 by Bengalheart
Eira Blodwyn: Trade 1 by Bengalheart
Nova: Trade 5 by Bengalheart
Starstone Tigress: Trade 3 by Bengalheart
Tiger L.I.L.Y.: Trade 4 by Bengalheart
Princess Charity: Yukina-Snowbunny Art Trade by capmi
Astin: Art Trade with Yukina-Snowbunny by Starkiies
Suoh (#3): Small request batch by CaptainError
Silvermist: Silvermist - Art Trade with Yukina-Snowbunny by Cheschire-Kaat
Princess 'Zero' (#4): RQ Sketches by Chibi-ika
Bella Notte: AT: Yukina-Snowbunny 1 of 2 by DaughterOfAeris
Sailor Kitsune (Unmasked): AT: Yukina-Snowbunny 2 of 2 by DaughterOfAeris
Princess Selena: AT Selena YukinaSnowBunny by DaughterOfAeris
Silvermist's Eye: SIlvermist's Eye by DrizzlePaws
Syeria: Colored Headshot Commission: Syeira by galia-and-kitty
Balance Card: Request for Yukina-Snowbunny by hippygirl212
Princess 'Zero' (#1) 
Sailor Lunabella (#2) 
Sailor Rhoswen (#3): Pumpkin Patch - Zero, Lunabella, Rhoswen by iambai
Sailor Toyotama: G: Brie Toyotama by iCheddar
IloveDollMakers (Deactivated Account)
Sailor Methuselah***: Sailor Methuselah [Old] (iloveDollMakers) by Yukina-Snowbunny
*** - Now belongs to Tachi-chii
Sailor Phoena: PIXEL Sailor Phoena by Jateshi
Sailor Spira: Sailor Spira Request by JediSenshi
Essence: Essence by Yukina-Snowbunny
Faith Cromwell: Faith Cromwell by Yukina-Snowbunny
Sailor Kepler 8-B: Img 20150422 144330 by justjakk
Starlight: Starlight by Yukina-Snowbunny
Zarek: Zarek for Yukina-snowbunny by justjakk
Astin: Astin by KatTheCurious
Starstone Tigress: Sailor Starstone Tigress by Yukina-SnowbunnySailor Starstone Tigress 2 by Yukina-Snowbunny
Sailor Cosmic Spira: Salior Cosmic Spira - Contest Prize by LittleAlyce
Me: Happy Belated Birthday Janine~! by LKeiko
Sailor Kitsune: Chibi: Sailor Kitsune by MahouChikara
Princess Charity: Charity - Redraw Commission (Waist Up) by Maximum-Simplicity
:iconmiraiharu: (Commissioned by :devre-pyper)
Honey Berry (#12) 
[Adopted by flutter-sama]
Choco Latte (#13): Fruitiy Group by Re-Pyper
[Up for Adopt]
Admon: {R} Admon by Momilkie
Balance Card, Beast Form (#2): Request Sketches by MyuOneeChan
Lori Gabriev (#7): Requests 2 by MyuOneeChan
Nova (#6): A bunch of gifts! by MyuOneeChan
Code Name New Moon: Gift - Code Name New Moon by nads6969
Princess Usako/Small Lady Serena: Gift - Princess Usako by nads6969
Kilalani: - AT - Kilalani by NekoChanTheKitty
Harmonia: Quick Sketch 9 - Harmonia by NinaWolverina
Princess 'Zero' (Civilian): Raffle: Second Prize by OginZ
Mystic Magic and Prince Charming: 
[Prince Charming is up for adopt]
Bella Notte: Bella Notte by Yukina-Snowbunny
Captain Bile: Chibi Captain Bile by Yukina-Snowbunny
Eira Blodwynn (Goddess): Eira Blodwyn, Goddess Form (Chibi Comm) by Yukina-Snowbunny
Melania Rosita (Human/Formal): Chibi Melania Rosita by Yukina-Snowbunny
Miyuri Yukimusume: Chibi Miyuri Yukimusume by Yukina-Snowbunny
Starstone Tigress: Chibi Starstone Tigress by Yukina-Snowbunny
Yasmin El-Amin: Yasmin El-Amin by Yukina-Snowbunny
Princess Le'na: Le Na Chibi Final by PrincessDevin302
Sailor Phoena: Micro Chibi Phoena by purenightshade
Sailor Sunstone: Sprite - Sailor Sunstone by purenightshade
[Now belongs to Cyanwings]
Shy Star: MLP Art Trade: Shy Star by queendagi
Princess Selena (Ball-gown): Ball ready Selena by RedRanger-Saint
Sailor Tao (Balance Card senshi): AT- Sailor Tao by RedRanger-Saint
Yukina, Princess of the Rose: Happy Birthday Princess Yukina! by RedRanger-Saint
Nova: art trade for yukina by Risaru
:iconrosalynamarante: (From top to bottom, left to right)
Bella Note (#1)
Quintana (#2)
Sailor Lunabella (#3)
Sailor Rhoswen (#4)
Sailor Kitsune, Unmasked (#5)
Sailor Nekomata, Unmasked (#6):
 Chibis by rosalynamarante
Eira Freja: Commission for Yukina-Snowbunny by RuiRei
Sailor Earth: Commission for Yukina-Snowbunny by RuiRei
Syeira: Commission for Yukina-Snowbunny by RuiRei
Yukionna: Commission for Yukina-Snowbunny by RuiRei
Bella Notte: Bella Notte, Chibi Sketch by Yukina-Snowbunny
Princess 'Zero': Princess 'Zero', Chibi Sketch by Yukina-Snowbunny
Princess Selena: Princess Selena, Chibi Sketch by Yukina-Snowbunny
Sailor Danu: Sailor Danu, Chibi Sketch by Yukina-Snowbunny
Sailor Phoena: Sailor Phoena, Chibi Sketch by Yukina-Snowbunny
Shiloh Wolf: Shiloh Wolf (Goddess), Chibi Sketch by Yukina-Snowbunny
Estelle Makiko: Estelle Makiko by Yukina-Snowbunny
Millenia Yeung: Millenia Yeung by Yukina-Snowbunny
Sailor Moonlit Angel (Old): Sailor Moonlit Angel - Yukina-Snowbunny by SailorLunarAngel
Sailor Kistune (#3)
Sailor Nekomata (#9): Monster Senshi Banner by SailorSunPhoenix
Callandra Kokinos: Arttrade With Yukina-snowbunny by sailorx161
Helia (#5): Colored Sketch Freebies 1 by serenofariane
Sailor Starstone Tigress: Yuki Commission 1 by ShadowtailsDerol
Shiloh Wolf, Goddess Form: Yuki Commi 1 by ShadowtailsDerol
Sailor Cosmic Spira: Sailor Cosmic Spira Lines by Sir-FrogSailor Cosmic Spira Colored by Sir-Frog
Suoh (#1): Free Music Sketches by sixth-x-sun
Sailor V449 Carinae: Sailor V448 Carinae payment art for Yukina-Snowbun by Snowlyn
Sailor Klio: Sailor Klio Icon by SourisRune
Oceana (#1): Even More Pixel Ponies by starry-seas
Nova: AT: Nova by StefBani
Starstone Tigresss Crystal: COM: Starstone Tigress Star by StefBani
Startsone Tigress Star Seed: COM: Starstone Tigress Star Seed by StefBani
:icontazzydragon: (From left to right)
Quitana (#1)
Kilalani (#2)
Keianha (#3):
 Family Hug by TazzyDragon
Princess Selena: Chibi Icon request for yukina-snowbunny by Teakari
Starstone Tigress: AT: Sailor Starstone Tigress by TenshiNeera
Princess Selena: Request: Princess Selena by TheInZombiac
Peach Wine: Peach Wine by Unisuu
Melania Rosita (Normal/Travel): Yukina-Snowbunny by Wayward-brizzy
Sailor Earth: Request: Day 14 by whiizu
Starlight: AT: Starlight by whiizu
Starstone Tigress: AT: Sailor Starstone Tigress ACEO by whiizu
Bella Notte: (AT 2/2) Bella Notte by xxblutixx
Startsone Tigress: (AT 1/2) Starstone Tigress by xxblutixx
Blu: AT Yukina-Snowbunny by xXPeriBlossomXx
Starlight: R Yukina-Snowbunny by xXPeriBlossomXx
Starstone Tigress: AT yukina snowbunny by YuuiSama
Zarek (Pre-Corpse) and Undertaker (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji): Yukina-snowbunny's commission by Baby-Princess-Brat
Evelette Darkwood and Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho): Trade 6 by Bengalheart
Felix and Jessica (CostNica)*: Trade 2 by Bengalheart
*OC's belong to LKeiko
Bitter Rose** and Aura: AT: Yukina-Snowbunny by DaughterOfAeris
** - OC belongs to DrizzlePaws
Blood Rose and Dante (Devil May Cry 3): AT: Yukina-Snowbunny 3 by DaughterOfAeris
Eira Blodwyn and Steve Rogers (Captain America): AT: Yukina-Snowbunny 2 by DaughterOfAeris
Zarek and Undertaker (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji): T:  Undertaker and Zarek by FirePhoenixCreations
"Amy Rose"/Amalthea and Sesshomaru: Amy+Sesshomaru by Yukina-Snowbunny
Blood Rose and Dante (Devil May Cry 3): Blood Rose and Dante (DMC3) by Yukina-Snowbunny
Eira Blodwyn and Steve Rogers (Captain America): Eira+Captain America by Yukina-Snowbunny
Faith Cromwell and Takashi Morinozuka (Ouran High School Host Club): Faith+Mori by Yukina-Snowbunny
Nova and Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji): Nova and Sebastian by Yukina-Snowbunny
Zarek and Undertaker (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji): Zarek and Undertaker by Yukina-Snowbunny
Zarek (Pre-Corpse') and Undertaker (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji): Stolen Bizzare Doll by LKeiko
(Non-Lovers) Melania Rosita and Necro: Icon Comm. by manythingsbropixel Comm. by manythingsbro
Nova and Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji): Nova+Sebastian (Comm) by Yukina-Snowbunny
Zarek and Undertaker (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji): Zarek+Undertaker (Comm) by Yukina-Snowbunny
Zarek and Undertaker (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji)(Chibis): Zarek+Undertaker, Chibi (Comm) by Yukina-Snowbunny
Rosalba Rhyannon and Dante (Devil May Cry 3): Trade art: Rosalba and Dante by Peter-Sakazaki
(Non-Lovers) Sailor Moonlit Angel and Sailor Earth: X'mas Gift 3 - Sailor Moonlit Angel and Earth by Peter-Sakazaki
Sailor Danu and Shoji: [commission ]Lovely Couple 3 by QueenSolaris
[Shoji belongs to granddragoonknight]
Sailor Gaea and Allen Schezar (Escaflowne): [COMMISSION] lovely couple 1 by QueenSolaris
Sailor Toyotama and Nagai: [commission] lovely couple 2 by QueenSolaris
[Nagai belongs to granddragoonknight]
Mystery and Snake (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji: Art trade with yukina-snowbunny by sailorx161
Faith and Takashi Morinozuka (Ouran High School Host Club): 758-AT-Embrace by Silverlegends
Usako and Rokuta: 732-AT-Merry Times by Silverlegends
[Rokuta belongs to granddragoonknight]
Nova and Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji): AT: Nova and Sebastian ACEO by whiizu
xX-Blitzkrieg-Xx (Deactivated Account)
Nova and Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler/KuroShitsuji): xX-Blitzkrieg-Xx - Nova and Sebastian by Yukina-Snowbunny
Evelette Darkwood and Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho): Yaysies-adopts - Evelette and Kurama by Yukina-Snowbunny
Imperial Twilight Angel: Flying with the Butterfllies by Akai-Yuri
Sailor Sachael: SS : Sailor Sachael by CatOfDeadMoon
Sailor Cliodna: Sailor Clinoda by Danielle-chan
Who: Sailor Starstone Tigress
How: Full-body, full-color
Who: Chosen OC (either Sailor Blue Moon-Older-, Sailor Spira, Sailor Kingdom Hearts, Sailor Phoena, Sailor Nekomata, Sailor Danu, or Sailor Cliodna)
How: Full-body, full-color

What: Trade piece

Who: Chosen OC (either Bella Notte, Astin, Melania Rosita, or Zarek)
How: Full-body, full-color

Who: Nova and Sebastian
How: Couple/lover picture
Who: Zarek (Pre-Corpse) and Undertaker 
How: Couple/lover picture

Who: Chosen Couple (either: Amy Rose and Sesshomaru, Cassidy Melrose and Ardeth Bay, Ozianna Fae and Jefferson/Mad Hatter, Laila St. Croix and Umehito Nekozawa, Faith Cromwell and Takashi Morinozuka, Mystery and Snake, Tiger L.I.L.Y. and Momiji Sohma, Willow and Yuki Sohma, or Evelette and Shuichi Minamino/Youko)
How: Half-body


Who: Sailor Starstone Tigress 
How: Page Doll
Who: Sailor Phoena
How: Page Doll
Who: Papillon Foxglove
How: Page Doll
Who: Mystery and Snake
How: Full-body?
AND.... I think that's it for now :D


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